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FaQ - General

1. How to order the cable?

  • Step 1: In this website, just click BUY CABLE button.
  • Step 2: Fill in Bill To
  • Step 3: Select shipping method
  • Step 4: Select payment method
  • Step 5: Checkout Step
  • Step 6: Confirm
  • Step 7: We will send out your order before 12pm, and normally you can receive it within 1-3 working days. Tracking number will be given by email.
  • 2. How long can the power bank last?

    There is no simple answer to this question. With brand new 10,000mAh portable power bank battery, it would roughly last 12 times per 1/2 hour pumping sessions for Medela Swing kind of type; For Medela Swing Maxi it would last for about 6 times per 1/2 hour pumping sessions.

    You may choose to purchase a new one if your power bank no longer holds sufficient power to meet your needs. We would suggest you buy a Lithium Polymer type of power bank, because it offers slightly higher specific energy, please read here.

    3. I’m using other brand of breast pump, how do I know if this usb cable is compatible?

    We invited mothers to test out our cable for every electrical breast pump before we put on sale on the website, so we clearly understand the requirements for each electrical breast pump. Unless there is new make over for particular series.

    Just to make sure that you choose the right electrical breast pump when you order online.

    4. Will the suction weaken if I use USB power cable compared to normal power adaptor?

    There is no simple answer this question. We recommend powerbank / USB wall adapter with 2A (iPad adapter) output to power electrical breast pump like Medela Swing Maxi, Meleda FS, because these series consume more power. While some electrical breast pump consume lower power like Medela Mini-e, Pureen battery operated breast pump should feel the same or more power than attached adapter.

    Bbmilkit USB power cable is specially selected and tested to suit all of the electrical breast pump to make sure that all of the mother could have a happy pumping session.

    5. Besides power bank, can I plug in to other usb port?

    Yes. Basically you may plug into any USB port, e.g, aircraft cabin, astro decoder, vehicle cigarette lighter USB charger and etc.

    6. Is the cable covered under warranty?

    For Bbmilkit USB power cable, we are offering 90 days 1 to 1 exchange warranty from the date of your purchase.

    You may contact:-

    • The shop where you made your purchase
    • Our headquarter
    * Note that warranty does not cover counterfeit product / product not distributed by Bbmilkit, accessories such as cables / connectors, wear and tear, product with sign of being tampered and physical damage. Other conditions may apply.

    7. Can I use the cable for Medela Swing to connect to my Medela Swing Maxi as their outlet design is the same?

    NO. Each electrical breast pump has its own power consumption. We will not be liable for any damages caused by that.

    8. How long does it take for me to receive my cable ?

    We will ship the item the next working day after payment is received.

    9. I forgot to make payment for the order I made few days ago, is the order still valid ?

    We will cancel the order after 3 working days if no payment received.

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