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BBMILKIT may collect certain data about your visit automatically. This includes information you give to us voluntarily, such as information in your account or on order forms. If you link your account to a social media site, you are giving us access to the information on that social media site.

Other data, known as log data, may also be collected by us. This is mostly a side effect of using the Internet to connect with us in the first place. It consists of, but is not limited to, the activities you engaged in on our site, the date and time you accessed us, your IP address, and the last site you were on.

In addition, we may collect data about your browser type or settings, and your device type or settings. How much of this is visible to us will depend largely on what type of software or hardware you own, and the settings you have chosen for that device or program. For more information on how you can modify those settings, check with your manufacturer or software provider.

We have the right to use “cookies,” a kind of text file that attaches to your browser. Again, certain aspects of this can be controlled by changing your browser settings. Some cookies, called session cookies, go away after you close your browser. Persistent ones remain there. We may use either. These help the site remember you when you come back, so that you don't need to constantly reset everything to your specifications.

We may use your data to produce custom content for you. It may be used to send you email updates, depending on your email settings. We may use location data from your device.

Personally identifiable information, information which may be used to determine your identity, may be stored by us outside of your country. If you cancel your account, we will only keep information necessary for legal reasons, or for addressing potential spam or fraud cases. We may disclose your data to comply with a legal request, to investigate or prevent a crime, or to protect our interests.

Your data can be transferred through a merger of our company with another entity. We retain the right to use third parties for collecting or analyzing this data on our behalf, but always in accordance with our privacy policy. We do our very best to make sure your credit card and bank information stay secure, and we will attempt to keep it confidential from anyone who might use it for identity theft. However, we cannot guarantee your data's safety from hackers.

Children's information should not be on the site. If you believe a child under thirteen has placed personal information on the site, contact us. Reviews, comments, inquiries, and testimonials are public to anyone on the site.

This policy may be changed at any time at our discretion. While we are not required to inform you, we may choose to do so. Currently, updates to this policy will appear here on the site in the Privacy Policy. If you use this site, you are consenting to this Privacy Policy, and if you continue using this site after a change to the policy, you accept the new policy.

BBMILKIT uses data ethically and with your ideal user experience in mind.

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