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Poll Buy - How It Works

Poll Buy


Gather Ideas & Buy


Poll-Buy, in simple definition, is where we make a bulk purchase based on a poll of members' ideas. The concept is to offer products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase.

Why is it different from conventional purchase?

You get it directly from the manufacturer, at wholesale price!

How is this possible?!!

We gather individual buyers' polls and purchase directly from the manufacturer to get an attractive price. We believe that the more orders we gather, the lower the price a company is able to offer!

Take a look at the example of a breast pump purchase, conventional way vs. poll-buy:

Charges (MYR) Conventional way (baby shop) Poll-buy (bbmilkit online)
1. Manufacturer cost 100 100
2. Rental 3 x 4 channels = 12 -
3. Advertisement 10 x 4 channels = 40 -
4. Salesman commissions 100 x 10% x 4 channels = 40 -
5. Delivery charges 5 x 4 channels = 20 5
Total payable by individual buyer 212 105


Poll Buy Step 1

1. Sign up

Poll Buy Step 2

2. Write or vote for products you wish to purchase

Poll Buy Step 3

3. Wait for poll to ends

Poll Buy Step 4

4. Wait for the offered prices (price differentiate in a few tiers by qty of purchases)

Poll Buy Step 5

5. Accept or decline offer

Poll Buy Step 6

6. Wait for the final price

Poll Buy Step 7

7. Pay

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